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AspectDraw Guide

Welcome to AspectDraw, your design assistant. Whether you are a professional designer or an aspiring creative, this innovative tool is here to revolutionize your design process.

With AspectDraw by your side, you will unlock a world of endless possibilities, enabling you to bring your imagination to life effortlessly. Discover its features, benefits, and remarkable potential of AspectDraw, and how it can become your trusted companion in the realm of design. This is a general purpose design tool for enriching photography, web pages, creating banners and other graphical components. So, let's dive in and explore the wonders that AspectDraw has in store for you!

1. Set the drawing area. It is by default 1920 x 500, but can be changed through the Draw Area option.
2. Choose a background.
3. Add elements such as images, texts and decorative shapes.
4. Save and export your work.
Note: Each element has its own priority layer in display. Overlapping layers are managed by the Layers option.

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